Things have changed around here. As you can see, myPremier has undergone a striking rebrand.

We’ve been working with award-winning design agency Happy Giraffe to make sure myPremier’s look and literature reflect the excellent IT procurement service we offer to our customers.

We have always been super proud of our team and their amazing knowledge. myPremier has a huge base of loyal customers who appreciate the personal relationships we build with them.

We wanted this success to shine through on our website and other marketing materials, so we consulted Happy Giraffe on the best way to promote our approachable, expert company.

Together we’ve developed a simple yet sophisticated way to present our business offering, with sharp colours, bold headers, easy and logical web navigation, a friendly, clear copy tone and just a hint of fun sprinkled throughout (you know us!).

Underneath all this smooth new branding, of course, is the same dedication to our work and love for our customers. We hope you like it.