We’re not just in the IT procurement game,
we’re in the people game.

we do happy

In order to achieve total world domination happy and lasting relationships with our customers, we have specific divisions with expert industry knowledge. Being able to provide targeted support means we can supply you with the best solutions at the best prices.

These three things mean an awful lot to us:


(no paying over the odds)

Our customers want and deserve the best value in the market – and we’re here to deliver it.


(happy customers, happy staff)

Why just hand something over when you can hand it with a smile? Service is a key way to ensure happy, loyal customers. It’s also a way to ensure happy myPremier staff too!


(clued up and queued up ready to help)

We’ve got more market knowledge than you can shake a stick at. Go on, try shaking a stick - you’ll be there ages!

Introducing the myPremier team

Daniel Bomberg knows how to run our business smoothly and keep people happy – that’s why he’s in charge.

We love being happy, and so do our customers. We’ve got nothing but good things to say about them, and they have some pretty sweet things to say about us too – look for yourself.

we do happy