Well now... what are we all about?

Our vision

To transform the IT procurement process by placing customer service, our knowledge and support at the heart of the process and to ensure that customers get the right products at the best possible price.

Who we are

myPremier are a team of great people with an even greater mission: to transform the IT procurement business as you know it. We are making this happen by providing three important things: outstanding service, amazing prices and knowledge you can trust.

Our people have been carefully chosen to deliver our mission, and as a result we are souped-up and grouped-up, ready to build effective relationships with you. Come and say hello.

What we do

We build relationships, supply IT equipment, and create smiles. The IT procurement process should be enjoyable – after all you are investing in products and solutions to make your business more efficient and effective. We are a leading IT multi-vendor which can fulfil every aspect of hardware and software supply to business customers.

We’re not just in the IT game, we’re in the people game. The equipment that you need is important, but so is the way you receive it. We love building productive relationships that allow us to get you exactly the right product at exactly the right price.

Our core values:


No one enjoys paying over the odds for things in their personal lives – it’s no different at work. Our customers deserve the best value in the market, and we’re genuinely enthusiastic about bringing the best value to them because we know it’s what they want and deserve.


The equipment that our customers need is important, but so is the way they receive it. Why just hand something over when you can hand it with a smile? Service is a key way to ensure happy, loyal customers. It’s also a way to ensure happy myPremier staff too!


A bigger sale is not always a better sale. We’re clued up and queued up ready to get our customers exactly what they need. We’ve got more market knowledge than you can shake a stick at. Go on, try shaking a stick - you’ll be there ages!

Our markets

In order to achieve total world domination happy and lasting relationships with our customers, we have specific divisions with expert industry knowledge. Being able to provide targeted support means we can supply you with the best solutions at the best prices.  And guess what? We now have over 1000 clients all over the world!  Our sector heads are brilliant, and so are our sector arms and legs – meet them here.

Our vendors

We have more vendor accreditations than you can shake a stick at. Go on, try shaking a stick – you’ll be there ages! These accreditations come from a number of sources, namely: HP, Cisco, IBM, Lenovo, Dell, Microsoft, VMware, Symantec and McAfee. You can check them out here.


We have nothing but good things to say about our customers, and they have some pretty sweet things to say about us too – have a little look.

Daniel Bomberg

Daniel Bomberg is the leader of our merry band. He’s a mover, shaker, playmaker and (informed, sensible) risk-taker of a Managing Director, and passionate about making every single customer as happy as a clam at high tide. A company secret… we have good reason to believe Daniel’s the only guy this side of the River Derwent who knows exactly when to dunk a biscuit once, and when to go for the legendary double dunk. Only a person with foresight and prowess of this calibre can run a business the way Daniel Bomberg does - just ask our customers.

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Daniel Bomberg